Journyx JX and Journyx PX

Journyx offers two products to streamline resource management and time planning: Journyx JX, your key to managing employee hours and project expenses, and Journyx PX, your window into resource availability, usage, and business efficiency.

Journyx JX project time and expense tracking software streamlines the collection and processing of timesheets—helping companies across a wide range of industries grow their client billings, increase project profitability, and reduce payroll time.

Journyx PX provides work and financial forecasting and comprehensive project resource allocation and planning for a complete picture of project and budget status, employee time, and availability. Plus, you get insight into profitability for each project. That means you can accurately plan your time, budget, and margins—and see all your associated project costs and forecast project financials—in one convenient location.

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Journyx Set-up

This website describes the terminology used in Journyx and gives you samples on how you can set up Journyx: How to define the time entry screen, change default settings, set up 'You are late with submitting your timesheet' emails and much more.

Define the columns that you're going to use on the entry screen, set the period and additional system settings.


Dependencies are used to restrict the available values when a value is selected in a previous column. How does that work?

Group information

Groups are used to organize data and control user access to items.

Authorization roles

Every individual who will access the system is considered a user. Users can have one of several different roles that determine what abilities and access they will have.


Sheet Approval Plans allow you to create different approval workflows for users who submit their timesheets, expense sheets, or custom entry sheets after each period.

AExcel reports with Reportlink

Journyx Reportlink™ is a reporting and analytics engine that makes it easy to connect to third party BI platforms for building custom reports and graphs with your Journyx data.

Policy information

Define rules that are triggered when a user submit the entry sheet.

Menu System Settings

Overview menu system settings

AExcel reports with Reportlink

Subject to be determined.

AExcel reports with Reportlink

Subject to be determined.

AExcel reports with Reportlink

Subject to be determined.

AExcel reports with Reportlink

Subject to be determined.