Use Excel for reports

Reportlink is an optional module that expands the standard functionality of Journyx to meet the needs of organizations with complex reporting needs. There's no better way to reports that use data already at your fingertips. With a one step installation, Reportlink seamlessly syncs to Microsoft Excel taking your organization to the next level of reporting.

With some knowledge of Excel and pivot table reporting, you can easily create custom templates, update your Journyx data with the click of a button, and save the results as sharable Excel files that can be tailored to Journyx user-specific security settings.

When you create a new Excel report with Reportlink, you can select to transfer practically every field in the database or only the fields you need. When you first start with reportlink, select 'time' in the 'Select a report' pull down field. In the future, once you're familiar with Reportlink, you might want to filter the fields you want to see in Excel by creating a standard report in Journyx.


All database fields or only the ones you need


Download Reportlink software

Information for downloading and using Journyx Reportlink is located under Reports-->Reportlink Exchange. This screen includes access to the most up-to-date version of the Reportlink installer, as well as the Reportlink User Manual (available when downloading the installer). Reportlink is an optional , MS Excel-based reporting engine, and you must have a license key for access to the installer. Reportlink includes a variety of data feeds that can be loaded into pivot tables or spreadsheets. It also includes the ability to run your Standard and System reports as pivot reports in Excel. More information is available in the Reportlink User Manual.


Download Reportlink

Reporting is one of the primary reasons many companies invest in Journyx. In this 45 minute webinar, we take a comprehensive look at the reporting functionality within Journyx, including using Journyx Reportlink, to make sure that you understand everything you need to know to run any type of report.

Webinar Reporting

Webinar reporting functionality within Journyx