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Setting up a webmeeting

Webmeeting Screenshots
Check out the screenshots of joining a webmeeting..

The easiest way to share information is to look at the same screen while having a conversation over the phone. Participating in a webmeeting, where we share our screen, is easy. Take a look in how you can join a webmeeting, share your screen and your mouse and keyboard if needed.

Backup your data

Journyx commands Backupdb & Restoredb
Check out the screenshots of the backup procedure on a Windows installation.

Please check out the System Administrator & Disaster Recovery Guide on the product documentation page for more information about backup/restore options (Chapter Technical & Installation Documentation, opens up in a new window).

Local Installation

Screenshots of a Journyx installation on a windows 7 64-bit pc
Check out the screenshots of a Journyx installation on a windows 7 64-bit pc.

Upgrade guides and features overview of the latest version can be found on the product documentation page.

Rates & Rules

Screenshots Rates, Rules and Policies
Do you want calculate billable amounts within Journyx? Use the Rates, Rules & Policies to get an overview of the revenue (bill rates x hours) or the costs (pay rate x hours).

User Data Entry Sample

This YouTube movie will show you a sample time entry screen. Time data will be entered and the sheet will be submitted

Quickstart Tutorial

This tutorial guides you through the Quickstart. It shows you how to change the period, the number of columns and the column names of the time entry screen. It also demonstrates how to enter projects, tasks and groups.

Groups Tutorial

This tutorial explains the usage of groups in Timesheet. It shows you how to limit the selectable values (like projects and tasks) for specific groups of users.
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Chat online? • Download free version of Journyx? • Get contact information

LiveZilla Live Chat Software
Click on the image above to start a chat session. You don't need to install anything, a new window will pop-up.

If the chat is off-line you can leave us a message and we will get back to you (don't forget to leave an e-mail address if you want to get a reply :-).
Download Page: Free SaaS trial, Download Software, Schedule online meeting
Download Journyx if you want to install our software on one of your own servers. The download comes with a free license key for up to 10 users (freeware version without expiration date, nag screens and advertisements). Journyx can be installed on Windows, Unix or Posix operating systems.

Contact Information: telephone numbers, email addresses & live chat
Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help you decide whether our software can streamline your timetracking processes!
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