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Journyx (pronounced jer-nix) is a time tracking and project management software solution that enables you to monitor all project costs (you only need an internet browser to work with our software).

The costs are divided into 3 different administrations: time- (timesheets), expenses- and mileage/materials tracking. Each administration can be used separately or in conjunction with each other.

Journyx can be used 'in the cloud' (no software installations required, you only need an internet browser and an internet connection) or you can install our software on a local server (your own windows, linux or unix server).

Journyx PX

Journyx PX offers all the core functionality of Journyx with added functionality for resource management and project scheduling (planning). Journyx PX, like Journyx can be used 'in the cloud' or can be installed on a local server (windows, linux or unix server).

Journyx Free version

Journyx Free Version offers almost the same functionality as the regular version of Journyx (some functionality is not available).

This version can only be used on one of your own servers (local installation) and up to 10 employees can use this software. There are no advertisements or nag screens.

Not present in free version:
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Licenses, how many do you need?

You need a license for every employee who creates time, expense, material/mileage or project notes records.

You don't need a license for employees that do not create the above mentioned records for themselves. For example, you don't need a license for a person who only creates reports in Journyx or for a person who only approves time-, expense- and/or material/mileage sheets.

A license becomes available again after 30 days non usage. Journyx (or Journyx PX) is scalable to thousands of users.

You can always add more licenses or scale down (only in the cloud version) in the maximum number of licenses.

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Curious about what other customers think about Journyx?

Check out the customer successes page to read how Journyx helped customers in their timetracking processes.

Amy Bryant: Replace paper timesheets

Amy Bryant, Thinkwell

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Angela Meek: Why Journyx

Angela Meek: Why Journyx
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Make it easy for the user to enter data

Journyx covers your entire timetracking process. It makes it easy for users to enter their time and it supports the staff in gathering, validating and processing timesheets.

Data is collected (use your favorite internet browser) through time entry (timesheets), expense entry (expensesheets) and mileage/material entry sheets.

It all starts with the data that employees submit into Journyx. It must be easy for them do to so; track time and expenses on the correct project or tasks so that the staff (managers, projectmanagers, administrative personnel etc.) can monitor project progress and costs and act accordingly.

Journyx makes it easy for the end user to enter their data, for example:

Change the entry screens to your needs. Up to 5 columns available for specification of the entries, use a weekly, a semi-monthly or a monthly period.

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Display only the content that the user need, making the tracking of time by the user on the wrong projects or tasks less likely.

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Collecting & validating sheets: Fast & Easy

Give your staff the means to collect all sheets easily and fast and validate the entered data!

The processing of the user data can proceed once the users have submitted their sheets. There are several mechanisms within Journyx that will help you to make sure that the data is complete and correct:


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Automatically send 'You're late' e-mails to employees who are late submitting their timesheet, run a compliance report to see the status of every sheet (nothing entered yet, open, submitted for approval, approved or rejected).

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Monitor project progress & costs

Once all the sheets have been collected and validated, data can be processed by the staff department or (project-) managers:


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Define reports and share the reports with other users. Use optional module Reportlink to automatically create pivot tables in Excel.

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Is Journyx (or Journyx PX) the solution for you?

Here are some issues you might recognize which can be corrected or solved with using Journyx (PX). If you don't recognize any issues or if your issues are not mentioned in the list, don't hesitate to contact us so that we can help you decide if Journyx is the solution for you.

Possible issues:


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Tired of chasing after timesheets? Don't want to manually add up hours from different sheets? Do you want to start using a cloud service?

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How to proceed? Learn more about Journyx

There are several ways to learn more about our software:
Home Page
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Chat online? • Download free version of Journyx? • Get contact information

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Click on the image above to start a chat session. You don't need to install anything, a new window will pop-up.

If the chat is off-line you can leave us a message and we will get back to you (don't forget to leave an e-mail address if you want to get a reply :-).
Download Page: Free SaaS trial, Download Software, Schedule online meeting
Download Journyx if you want to install our software on one of your own servers. The download comes with a free license key for up to 10 users (freeware version without expiration date, nag screens and advertisements). Journyx can be installed on Windows, Unix or Posix operating systems.

Contact Information: telephone numbers, email addresses & live chat
Any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help you decide whether our software can streamline your timetracking processes!
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