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Optional Modules & Tools

Over the years additional functionality was developed that enhances the Journyx experience.
Here's an overview of current optional modules and tools:

Looking for an integration with one of your business programs? Journyx integrates with about any business program. If we don't have it already then our Professional Services Team will gladly work with you on a tailored solution.

Optional modules
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Reportlink: Interface with Microsoft Excel

Journyx v8.7 and higher offers a new, completely customizable module that expands the standard functionality of Journyx to meet the needs of organizations with complex reporting needs. There's no better way to reports that use data already at your fingertips. With a one step installation, Reportlink seamlessly syncs to Microsoft Excel taking your organization to the next level of reporting.

With some knowledge of Excel and pivot table reporting, you can easily create custom templates, update your Journyx data with the click of a button, and save the results as sharable Excel files that can be tailored to Journyx user-specific security settings.

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Projectlink: Interface with MS Project & Project Server

Projectlink, the Journyx integration for Microsoft Project and Project Server, provides your team members with an interface for tracking detailed project actuals at any time from any location. Projectlink provides your managers with accurate, up-to-date status for project coordination and cost control.

This module enables the import and export of data between Journyx and MS Project. Journyx receives, through synchronization, the following information from MS Project: Projects (Tasks), Project estimate and status, Resources and Assignments. MSP organizes projects into a hierarchy of Summary Tasks and Loggable Tasks. Each Task can be assigned to a number of Resources in order to create one or more Assignments. In Journyx, Tasks are represented as Projects, Resources are represented as Users, and Task Assignments are represented as Groups (groups determine which projects users can track time against).

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Accountlink: Interface with Quickbooks

QuickBooks provides your business with the tools for fast and easy financial management. In order to utilize these tools most effectively, employee project time and expense data must be easily transferable from your time trackingapplication into QuickBooks.

Journyx Accountlink automates this process by transferring project/job status, employee/contractor time and reimbursable/billable expenses directly from your Journyx system to QuickBooks.
Your employees can simply track project time and expenses in Journyx. After the time and expenses for a period have been approved, accounting personnel can use Journyx Accountlink to pull all of the period's data into QuickBooks for processing. Accountlink accesses QuickBooks directly so no file transfer or formatting is necessary.

All data is synchronized automatically. Once synchronization is complete,accounting personnel have allemployee billing and payroll data they need to create invoices, print reimbursement checks and run payroll. Say goodbye to time-consuming and error-prone double entry!
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LDAP Tool: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol Integration

Do your users complain that they already have too many login names and passwords to remember?

Do you wish that some parts of your business infrastructure would accept their regular network logon, rather than requiring yet another special logon?

We've got good news for you. The Journyx LDAP Integration can grant your wish - at least where Journyx is concerned.
Better still, it doesn't matter what your users have for Journyx logins right now. The LDAP Integration will allow them to enter their network login and password into the Journyx login page to access their Journyx account.

If that's not enough, we even offer an advanced version of the tool that allows you to have Journyx create and update users' accounts in Journyx based upon the data in the LDAP store.
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Single Sign On Tool

The Journyx Single Sign On (SSO) tool offers an authentication mechanism for Journyx that allows users to avoid the need to log in manually. The authentication mechanism is based on HTTP headers, and is designed to be implemented within a preexisting intranet infrastructure.
When a user wishes to visit Journyx, they will either click a special link within your company portal or use a bookmark to access a URL they have been provided. Upon doing so, their Journyx start page (typically the time entry screen) will be displayed to them without the need to log into Journyx.
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Data Validation Tool

Data Validation rules can be created by Journyx administrators to enforce restrictions on how users may enter their time. The rules are assigned to Pay Groups (user custom field), making it easy to set rules for specific types of employees such as hourly workers, salaried employees and contractors.
There are five types of Data Validation Rules: Future Entry Restrictions, Dropdown Restrictions, Hour Validation Rules, Minute Increment Rules, and Holiday Validation Rules.
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Budget Allocation Tool / User Time Budgets

Have you ever wanted that your employees take a more active role with their planning, to be able to see how much time they have been allocated per project so that they can confer with the project manager when the remaining time is insufficient to complete the work?

The Budget Allocation Tool enables you to show you the allocated time, per project, on the users time entry screen. This informs the user how much time is reserved to complete his or her work for a project. The remaining time is automatically calculated and shown on the screen whenever a user starts working on a project.

This information helps your employees to keep track on their progress and allows them to contact the project manager when they estimate that the remaining time is insufficient.

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